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Spending your whole day in image editing sucks, and that’s why you need a professional editor’s help. If so, then we offer you perfection and fulfill your requirements by removing any kinds of extra object’s soft edges, or background.  Where hiring an expert editor is too costly, renowned, well-organized, and friendly agents will be the best fit to get the desired service within your budget. Photo edit zone brings a group of expert photo editors under one umbrella to provide you with the best image masking services. We offer outstanding service to make your images vibrant, eye catchy,  and mind-grabbing. We will meet deadlines and also provide 24*7 customer service. Let’s know the details of our photo masking services. 

Image Masking

What is the difference between clipping path and masking?

The editing technique for removing the image background is the most crucial difference between clipping path and image masking. You can use the clipping path for complex image background removal. But, the output is not as eye-catchy as using image masking.

Why Should You Choose Our Image Masking Service?

Making the customers satisfied is our priority. So, taking our service means you will get what you want. Here are our services.

Image Masking
Why Cutout IT is Essential For Image Masking

Understand your needs

Customized Background

Use latest tools

Meet the deadlines

Budget friendly pricing

A group of skilled professionals

Check Quality before delivery

Emergency customer service

We Provide Our Image Masking Service

We work for several groups of people, professionals and non-professionals. Let us introduce you to whom and what we work for-

Wedding Ceremony

Everyone wishes to capture their wedding memories with colorful photos. But, sometimes, you will find many unexpected objects in the images. In this case, you should remove them to get an elegant background and stylish looking images. Our professional experts will use different tools based on your photos and make them outstanding. 

Professional Photographer

Though you are an extremely busy professional photographer, you can not deliver raw images to your clients as it is involved with your reputation. But, you don't have enough time to personally edit all the photos to make them look tip-top. In this situation, we can assist you to reduce your workload and satisfy your clients. 

Advertisement Sections 

Advertising products to the audience is highly crucial for your business. Here, you have to pay extra concentration to hold the naturality of your product's images. As it is the most sensitive issue, you might get troubled while doing this job.  But, no worries, we have photoshop image masking services that we provide at a meager cost. We will blend the best technology and tools with our creative mind to provide exclusive images to grow your advertisement business. 

E-Commerce Retailer

If you are an e-commerce retailer, you need to post your product's images on online platforms such as social media to reach customers. We will fix your product's images with all kinds of retouching issues and background removing points through our masking services. 

Magazine Covers and More 

Besides advertisements sectors, you have to manage perfect and compelling images for various cover pages and other relevant fields like magazine covers, info brochures, product catalogs, etc. We can do it by using multiple image masking skills and techniques for your cover photo. So at first glance, the readers will like the images and feel the curiosity to read the whole magazine. 

Freelancers or Agencies 

Being busy with freelance or agency services is quite common. If you have an agency or work as a freelancer, you have many deadlines.  In this case, you can hand over your image masking overload to us, and we will deliver our projects on time.


It is just for justifying to us, how we work. And Why are you trust our service?

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What We Offer To Our Image Masking Service Packages

There are different images where you can use photo masking services. We will offer some of the core areas of these services for you that are unbeatable. Let’s check out this list-

Alpha Channel Masking 

Alpha channel masking is also known as pixel-based masking. As this masking is measured with pixels, it is very tough to remove the background because of its complexity. We use alpha channel masking rather than a regular clipping path to remove these types of complex and tricky images.  Despite removing the background, it is also the best way to correct color and increase image brightness. This masking has 8 channels with 256 gray colors, including red, blue, and green. 

Transparent Image Masking

It seems photos mean color and color. But, some photos have no color, even transparent. For example, if you have a photo on glass, river, diamond, etc., it is really difficult to remove that image's background.  But, our editorial team members have passion, experience, knowledge, and skill about dealing with these difficulties, so it is not a big deal for us to satisfy you by removing the challenging background. Here, you will get every service of transparent image masking. 

Hair masking 

Sometimes, animal hair, fur, even human hair can take the first attention of the image. Since it is a tiny thing, it is hard to select it with a tool to remove it most of the time. But our crazy experts have the patience to select them with different ways to remove them from the image background.  As a result, the audience's first attention will grab the image's subject. Our hair masking service is best of best, as other online agencies can not professionally deal with these critical issues. 

Photo editing (masking removed)

Editing means processing an image and applying a mask to protect a specific area. We create a new layer mask, adjust the layer mask with a brush, finally refine and blend the adjustment to look perfect. So, this editing masking protects that area from alteration and the rest of the image changes.  



We provide you with different packages of our image masking services. It will cost you 1.99 dollars per image. For bulk orders, we will offer a discount and the cost will decrease. 

First, you have to collaborate with some of the image masking service provider companies. Then know their way of working, service quality, price, delivery system, payment system, and customer support. By comparing all those features, you can easily choose the best image masking service. Who can isolate unwanted objects from the pictures without sacrificing any pixel will be the best image masking service provider.  

Yes, we will ensure all-time customer support for any issues. You should just talk to our customer care team to inform us of your problem; we will immediately take action to solve it.  

You can use our cloud-based solution freely, but that is not a good idea for you. Because we use our server for handling our multiple clients. It is wise to have your own server for your business if you can afford it. 

If you can pick the right clipping path service provider company, then you can expect to receive proper value for the money. 

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