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We provide a range of editing services, including clipping paths, image masking, background removal, photo retouching, drop shadow, and many others. All of these services are offered at fast and affordable prices.

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Why Choose Our clipping path service companies

Cut Out It offers a hand-drawn clipping path service for product photographers and eCommerce sellers. We edit photos by hand and provide top-notch quality work and excellent customer service.

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Hand-drawn path service

We take pride in hand-editing each photo to ensure top-notch quality. Our expert graphic designers use high-end Photoshop pen tools and the latest editing techniques to make your photos look stunning.

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Pixel perfect result guaranteed!

We guarantee that our edited photos will be pixel-perfect – even if scaled up or down! That means no blurry images or blurring on the edges. Every photo we create is pixel-perfect and 100% original.

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Fast turnaround time and budget-friendly

No need to wait; we will deliver it in just a few hours! “We also offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry. This allows you to get professional editing at a fraction of the cost.

Expert photo editors on standby

Expert graphic designers on standby

Our experienced photo editors are here 24/7 to ensure your order is finished quickly. No matter your requirement’s complexity, our professional team of photo editors can take care of it.

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Types of Clipping Path Services

Perfect clipping paths and clean pictures are necessary to attract your online customer and make them purchase your products.

Simple image clipping

We can all agree that something that is effortless to accomplish is considered to be simple, right? When it comes to simple clipping paths, it does not necessitate drawing a multitude of paths.

Nor does it require laborious work on an image. A basic clipping path is applied to images with straight lines or rounded shapes. It doesn’t involve creating a multitude of paths to finish the job.

Our graphic designers have skills in complex clipping paths. Therefore, it is easy for them to create the most excellent images possible.

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Multi Clipping Path

Multi Clipping Path is a technique used in image editing to separate various elements of an image into distinct layers. This process involves creating multiple paths for various parts of an image, which can then be edited or changed, or altered.

Multi Clipping Path is especially useful for complex images that have several components, such as jewelry, furniture, or clothing. Experts in the graphics designing industry use advanced tools and techniques to edit clipping paths precisely. For making sure that every part of the image is accurately separated from the rest.

With Multi Clipping Path, you can achieve a precise and flawless image that meets your specific editing needs. If you require this service, it is important to choose a reliable and experienced clipping path service provider. Such as Cut Out IT, to ensure the best possible outcome for your images.

Complex Photo Clipping

Complex photo clipping involves removing intricate elements from an image, such as detailed hair, fine textures, or intricate patterns. This process requires a high level of skill and precision, as even a small mistake can ruin the entire image.

Professional photo editors use advanced tools and techniques to carefully remove complex elements from an image. This requires patience, attention to detail, and artistic skill. Our team of experts in photo editing can remove backgrounds from portraits or product images with excellent outcomes.

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Super Complex Image Clipping

The complexity of a clipping path’s design does not determine its quality. Even paths with intricate designs, such as trees, buildings, or hair, can be done with excellent results. Complex clipping paths are typically created using Photoshop due to their flexibility and efficiency.

Getting the job right is crucial, especially for designers. Our team of experts can help with your photo editing needs and provide premium service that will exceed your expectations. You can trust us to deliver excellent results.

Entrust Your Images to the Right Clipping Path Company

It’s important to choose a reputable clipping path company to ensure your images are edited to the highest standards. Cut Out IT offers a range of editings like clipping paths, image masking, background removal, and more.

Our team of experts is experienced in image editing and committed to providing excellent service. Whether you need clipping path services for e-commerce product photography, portraits, or any other type of business. We have the expertise and tools to deliver the best results. Trust COIT for quality image editing services you can rely on.

What You Can Expect From Our Sevices

Our team guarantees rapid and fast return time for your image clipping and editing requirements. Processing can be done as fast as one hour. You may get big patches of photographs processed more quickly and affordably.

Hand-drawn image clipping processes are what make this possible. More conversions will be obtained if the photographs are more pristine too! You can ask for any type of background and edges. Our vision is not only your satisfaction but also the satisfaction of your customers and target audiences!

Boost Sales With Eye-catching Photos

Photograph subjects come in different levels of complexity. If you want to change its background and settings, image clipping is needed. But the difficulty doing such things is not easy for everyone. If your subject comes with laces, tiny strings, fury objects, etc.

We have a software tool that can quickly and easily remove unwanted areas from your images without compromising their quality. We are skilled at using this tool to produce excellent results.

Retouch: Improve Your appearance to Increase Your Demand

Image Clipping also includes Deep etching like photo retouching processes. According to the requirements of professional photographs and designs, we have a fantastic staff with the best methods and equipment.

Color Matching from a Single Image Across Many Photos

Our services go beyond image clipping and photo cut-outs. We have expertise in various editing capabilities such as color matching, multiple clipping paths, and other clipping path tricks and techniques.

We can merge different photos from different canvases with different backgrounds, including white, colored, printed, and transparent backgrounds. The final images we deliver to you will be in rasterized, layered, and masked form. This service is tailored for photographers, retouchers, and merchants to streamline their processes.

We Include Masking in Our Post-processing

We make sure our clipping path services are comprehensive by following the right steps. The process of removing hair, wrinkles, fur, or other small details from an image is called masking. Hair is particularly difficult to work with, so our team of experts is highly skilled and experienced in this area. They use the best techniques to ensure that your photos look perfect, with no hair or small details left behind.

Secure your Brand’s Future through the Reliable Campaign Factors

We make sure our clipping path services are comprehensive by following the right steps. The process of removing hair, wrinkles, fur, or other small details from an image is called masking. Hair is particularly difficult to work with, so our team of experts is highly skilled and experienced in this area. They use the best techniques to ensure that your photos look perfect, with no hair or small details left behind.

Data Protection and Privacy

Together with excellence, we also guarantee your safety, security, and privacy. All of your information and original photos will be secured and confidential. We protect your data around the clock to prevent any leakage and prohibited distributions.

Trustworthy Quality Assurance and Control

To prevent any problems, our skilled, professional quality controllers double-check each file before handing it to you. Our main focus is on providing high-quality image editing solutions to our clients.

We are committed to ensuring that every image we edit meets the highest quality standards. Our team is dedicated to delivering the best possible results for our clients. We acknowledge that we must help you save time by not giving products with any possible backlash.

Clients Feedback

Don’t worry about looking for an expert to edit your photos anymore. We provide everything you need in photo editing, from basic touchups to professional levels. Here’s our client feedback; please check out our reputation!

I highly recommend Cut Out It for all your photo editing needs! They were extremely helpful in growing my own real estate photography business and are still very affordable..

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Shawn Turner

Cut Out IT is a great company with a phenomenal team. I had a photo that needed editing, and they were able to complete the job quickly. They are also super friendly and professional. If you need anything photo-related, Cut Out It is the place for you!

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Gordon L. Dowd

Cut Out It is an awesome company with a great team. I had a photo that I needed edited and they were able to complete the job in such quick turnaround! The quality of their work is phenomenal. They are super friendly and professional too, it’s really easy to get in contact with them when I have a question. If you need anything at all photo-related, Cut Out It is the place for you!

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Tiara C. Thayer

As the owner of a fashion blog, I have to edit all my photos with the best possible adjustments. This can take more time than I’d like to spend on it. Cut Out It has saved my life! Their color correction service is super affordable and they do an amazing job every time!

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James Carter

How We Works

Here’s how we make it easy to get fast, affordable product photo edits — all done by hand by pro designers. Our working process is simple:

Send Test Images

We are confident that you’ll love working with us. At Cut Out It, we offer a 100% FREE trial on all our photo editing services. This way, you can experience the quality of our work before committing to anything.

Submit Quote

The process of getting a quote for your project is simple. You can upload your image, select a service, and put requirements and turnaround time. Finally, submit and wait for the result.

We’re Working

After approving the quote, our expert photo editor will start working on your project. Finally, the Quality Control department cross-checks the project, and it is ready for delivery.

Download Images

We’ll review each photo and make any adjustments needed to bring out the best in your photographs. Once your work image is ready, we’ll email you a link to download the files all ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A clipping path is usually used for removing the background from a picture. It’s also known as closed vector path, photo cut-out, or deep etching. This service is suitable when the object in your photo has smooth and sharp edges.

We always zoom into images, sometimes 200%, to catch the most right and clear detail while outlining the image. It helps us give the edited photo a natural look after turning the bag into a white background.

Our graphic designers avoid using the magic wand tool as much as possible; instead, we use a pen tool or hand tool of Adobe Photoshop for perfect accuracy and for the product to stand out in a good way.

Who Needs Clipping Path Services?

People who need commercial images for business purposes mostly need image-clipping path services. For example, e-commerce businesses may need a clipped image with transparent background when they use the same photo on different platforms.

There’re multiple fields where this service is helpful, such as —

  • Ecommerce retailer
  • Printing Industries
  • Clothing brands
  • Product photography
  • Photo Studios

If you need white background or remove the unwanted background or complex objects from a picture.

When you need color correction in a specific portion of the image, the clipping path can do the magic.

If you need to remove a ghost mannequin or add a natural shadow to the product photo for your online stores, we can do it through our image path service.

You can use our clipping service to highlight your product and bring all attention to the object.

When you need to modify a shape of an image, we can do it for you with the clipping path.

Clipping path is the most popular service among all photoshop services. But you shouldn’t go for this service when your product photo includes fur or hair. In that case, you should go for an image masking service.

Cutout IT is the best clipping path service provider company offering you all the required services for perfect photo editing. We can complete all your weekly tasks in a single day and provide the file to you in a secure way.

Generally, a good image editing service may cost 25 cents per picture, depending on the workload. But you should look at the quality of service instead of how much this service costs.

We usually offer a cheap clipping path service, and sometimes give amazing discounts to our regular clients. However, we can assure you that you’ll get exactly what you’re paying for.

We, the Cutout IT photoshop clipping path service provider, offer you multiple useful services to make your product photo of online businesses more appealing to get the attention of your targeted audience.

We care about your time; thus, you can be sure to get your project done on time at a competitive price since we provide over 5000 images per day. In addition, we can assure you that you’ll absolutely receive quality services from us if you choose us.

We’re available 24/7 at your service, so contact us anytime, and our customer support team will get back to you quickly.

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