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Are you looking to keep your image clean and professional? It’s time to grab image masking services by Cut Out IT to eliminate unwanted things from your photos.

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Why outsource image masking services

Cut Out It is a photo editing company for product photographers and Amazon sellers. We edit photos by hand and offer top-notch quality work and excellent customer service.

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Hand-edited by professionals

We take pride in hand-editing each photo to ensure top-notch quality. Our expert photo editors use high-end software and the latest editing techniques to make your photos look stunning.

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Pixel perfect result guaranteed!

We guarantee that our edited photos will be pixel-perfect – even if scaled up or down! That means no blurry images or blurring on the edges. Every photo we create is pixel-perfect and 100% original.

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Fast turnaround time and budget-friendly

No need to wait; we will deliver it in just a few hours! We also offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry so that you can get professional editing at a fraction of the cost.

Expert photo editors on standby

Expert photo editors on standby

Our experienced photo editors are here 24/7 to ensure your order is finished quickly. No matter your requirement’s complexity, our professional team of photo editors can take care of it.

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Best Photoshop image masking service provider

Pictures that fully embrace our time, memory, or objectives are always desirable. Even though hiring the most appropriate photography expert is typically among the essential things when creating the best photograph, at least there are times when you can’t make that happen.

For instance, blurred edges or unwanted hair can occasionally be present in backgrounds, making removing them difficult. This is where we need a photoshop image masking service. The image masking technique can help restore selected parts of an image while leaving the others intact.

What is An Image Masking Service?

A photo masking service is a strategy that helps remove undesirable areas from an original image without diminishing its quality. To define it in greater detail, it’s a service like you’re putting tracing paper over the original idea but only keeping the details.

Image masking is a complex and detail-oriented process that requires a good eye for detail and strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Sometimes, if the task isn’t correctly done by masking any flaws, it can adversely influence the beauty of the picture.

Types of image masking services, We served

Photoshop contains a wide selection of categories for image masking. The different prices for the various types are attached to the public’s different levels of photo clarity. Here are our image masking services.

Layer Masking Service

We have to be meticulous when utilizing Layer masking because, first and foremost, it has to do with the overall high quality of our product, so we manually perform Layer masking that applies to Refine Edge and Wacom devices, if needed.

Editing means processing an image and applying a mask to protect a specific area. We create a new layer mask, adjust the layer mask with a brush, and finally refine and blend the adjustment to look perfect. So, this editing masking protects that area from alteration and the rest of the image changes.

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Alpha Channel Masking Service Before Image Alpha Channel Masking Service After Image

Alpha Channel Masking Service

It’s strongly associated with the Raster Masking technique, an auxiliary procedure for Adobe Photoshop called Alpha Channel Masking. It masks translucent areas and semi-translucent minor details within an image, producing a variety of layers in a way few other techniques can.

Alpha channel masking is also known as pixel-based masking. As this masking is measured with pixels, it is very tough to remove the background because of its complexity.We use alpha channel masking rather than a regular clipping path to remove these complex and tricky images.

Despite removing the background, it is also the best way to correct color and increase image brightness. This masking has 8 channels with 256 gray colors, including red, blue, and green.

Fur and hair masking Service

The primary use of the Far and Hair Masking service is to remove any unnecessary elements from images, which entails tuning up Edge, Pen Tablet, and other tools. To achieve a more surreal photo effect, the exposure and color of the image can be tweaked in post-production.

Sometimes, animal hair, fur, and even human hair can take the first attention of the image. Since it is a tiny thing, it is hard to select it with a tool to remove it most of the time. But our crazy experts have the patience to select them with different ways to remove them from the image background.

As a result, the audience’s first attention will grab the image’s subject. Our hair masking service is the best of the best, as other online agencies can not professionally deal with these critical issues.

Fur and hair masking Service before image Fur and hair masking Service after image
Alpha Channel Masking Service Before Image Alpha Channel Masking Service After Image

Transparent Object Masking Service

Transparent masking is perfect if you place printable photos into another transparent background because you can still see the previous background in areas masked with transparent masking. In contrast, the background color can be seen from underneath them.

It seems photos mean color and color. But, some photos have no color, even transparent. For example, if you have a photo of glass, river, diamond, etc., it is really difficult to remove that image’s background.

But, our editorial team members have the passion, experience, knowledge, and skill about dealing with these difficulties, so it is not a big deal for us to satisfy you by removing the challenging background. Here, you will get every service of transparent image masking.

Photoshop Masking Service: The Process Our Experts Follow

As a business, you want to ensure that your images are as professional as possible. Image masking service is a simple and effective way to achieve this.

With an image masking service, you can safely and effectively hide any unsightly or distracting elements from your images. In this regard, you can rely on our experts.

We usually begin by using clipping histories and identifying direct edges. But, if the image has complex parts, it is very challenging to correct an obscure background.

In that case, we’ll incorporate image masking to fix the visual challenge. Mainly when areas such as smoke and hair distract the object of the picture. Removing these types of things is quite tricky.

Professional Image Masking Service – Global Context of Product Photos in eCommerce and Online Businesses

More than 40% of online consumers like to orient themselves within a white background for photographs. For photographers working on pictures for several customers at once, managing backgrounds for images can be challenging, particularly if the customer has hair or if the image contains animals.

Consumers today expect high-quality images, and your customers will undoubtedly require similarly edited photos. Educate your customers on the first round with quality photos that eliminate all traces of excess fur or hair.

You’ll present a stunning presentation to your clients, dedicate the bulk of your time to critical work, and have the consistently positive cash flow you might want. Whether your images are intended for digital or for physical use, your pictures must be of exceptional quality.

While we have edited over a hundred thousand images to date, we remain uncompromising in our ability to provide each client with brilliantly edited photographs by employing the most current image masking technique.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First, you must collaborate with some image masking service provider companies. Then know their way of working, service quality, price, delivery system, payment system, and customer support.

By comparing all those features, you can easily choose the best image masking service. Those who can isolate unwanted objects from the pictures without sacrificing any pixel will be the best image masking service provider.

Can I get support from you if something goes wrong with the software?

Yes, we will ensure all-time customer support for any issues. You should just talk to our customer care team to inform us of your problem; we will immediately take action to solve it.

We provide you with different packages of our image masking services. It will cost you 1.99 dollars per image. For bulk orders, we will offer a discount and the cost will decrease.

You can use our cloud-based solution freely, but that is not a good idea for you. Because we use our server for handling our multiple clients. It is wise to have your server for your business if you can afford it.

The editing technique for removing the image background is the most crucial difference between clipping path and image masking. You can use the clipping path for complex image background removal. But, the output is not as eye-catchy as using image masking.

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